ABH Manufacturing

Architectural Builders Hardware Mfg. Inc. is a leading manufacturer and solutions provider of state of the art door hardware and a plethora of allied accessories. It has headquarters in Itasca, Illinois. ABH proposes a unique canvas to attend every door related requirement for hardware products. The broad spectrum of ABH products has seamless solutions like Overhead Holders & Stops, Electromagnetic Door Holders, Hospital Push Pull Latches, Aluminum Continuous Hinges, Pivots, Stainless Steel Pin & Barrel Hinges, Rescue Hardware, Stainless Steel Edge Guard, Power Transfer/Electrified Hardware, Flush Bolts & Coordinators, Misc Hardware, Auxiliary Locking Hardware, and Custom Strikes. ABH products manufactured in the state of the art manufacturing facility are a deliverable of lean manufacturing, automation, and integration of robotics. These exclusive features authenticate precision and flawless performance of every product. With the expertise of twenty ravishing years, ABH has been proactive in delivering customer oriented solutions right since its inception. It is also on the front foot in providing attractive designs and finishes in addition to special features like antimicrobial surfaces making these products very safe to use even in commercial build project environments. ABH definitely takes care of you and it reflects through the courteous customer service and prompt technical support.