As one of our most trusted manufacturing partners, Acorn Manufacturing is the industry professional to turn to for forged iron builders hardware as well as a variety of other hardware used throughout the hardware industry. A national hardware company with a boutique feel is difficult to find in an increasingly uniform industry but Acorn manages to preserve the quality and attention to detail while producing excellent products on a larger scale. With Acorn, you feel as if every product you purchase comes from a small mom-and-pop specialty business and if they were not such a nationally reputable brand, we might agree with you!

Relying on their industry experts, Acorn has managed to produce some excellent merchandise for numerous categories in the hardware industry.  Their expertise in the area of hardware is varied across the industry landscape and includes numerous subdivisions within the niches of the industry. To name a few areas where Acorn has really excelled: Bath hardware, Cabinet Hardware, Shutter Hardware, Grilles & Registers, Gate Hardware, Miscellaneous Hardware, Door Hardware, Clavos, Ceramic Hardware, Strap Hinges, Martinelli/dnd Hardware, Hooks, Shed Hardware, and Barn Door Hardware. 

One of the reasons you may feel that Acorn is a boutique industry giant is because Acorn has continually operated as a family-owned business since1937. They have continuously operated by the next three generations of Acorn’s founders in Mansfield, Massachusetts, and are very proud of that fact. In addition, their tendency to hire local experts and seek out new talent has enabled them to continue to keep their high quality standards over the course of their history. They produce their equipment and hardware locally and hire locally in order to maintain the boutique quality of their brand as well as their unique style. Their commitment to keeping their quality high and their customer service top notch is why we consider them a fine partner and their brand one that we are proud to carry. 

If you are seeking products in bath hardware products, such as bathroom accessories, towel bars, bath tissue holders, clothes hooks, towel rings, paper towel holders, and bath hooks; cabinet hardware products, such as hinges, bean design straps, cabinet latches, knobs, and cabinet door and drawer pulls; shutter hardware products, including shutter dogs/holdbacks; grilles and registers; gate hardware products, such as hasps/bolts/latches, working strap hinges, dummy straps, and gate rim latches; and miscellaneous hardware products, such as window hardware, cylinder collars, hooks, wall plates, and house numbers. The company also provides door hardware products, such as dummy hinge straps, forged iron square bolts, and thumb-turn privacy lock sets; clavos; ceramic hardware products, including ceramic cabinet door and drawer pulls; strap hinges; pull handles and door knockers; hooks; shed hardware products, such as dummy straps, shutter dogs/holdbacks, cane bolts, colonial hooks, forged steel bolts, foot scrapers, and deadbolts; and barn door hardware products, this is a brand you will want to look into. 

Acorn, American made and quality assured. 
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