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Aiphone Co. Limited is a leading Japanese manufacturer of the state of the art communication and security systems has a global presence with its footprints in more than 60 countries worldwide. Aiphone is based in Seattle, Washington since 1970. Subtle solutions offered by Aiphone feature door answering units, sophisticated video entry security systems, microprocessor-based commercial systems, luxury condo/apartment security, and communication systems. Aiphone offers designing simplicity, reliability, and technical excellence to deliver seamless telecommunication and security solutions for almost every vertical of the commercial application industry. Aiphone strives to offer the best user experience with the integration of the contemporary designing, attention to detail, best quality circuitry, and the finest hardware. Aiphone has coveted prestigious Deming Prize. This prize is the highest international award for quality control. Aiphone is also the first among the intercom manufacturers to receive ISO 9001 certification for the excellence in design, development, production, product inspection, and testing. Aiphone offers a wide coverage covering the verticals like commercial, correctional, educational, government, healthcare, and residential. The superb product line by Aiphone has hundreds of premier solutions to offer seamless coverage of essentials for every requirement. Aiphone is the name to count on for the state of the art surveillance, access control, and telecommunication solutions.
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Aiphone GT-1M3 Intercom
Aiphone GT-1C7 Intercom
Aiphone VC-BBX Intercom
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Aiphone VC-4M Intercom
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Aiphone VC-10M Intercom
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Aiphone GT-DA-L Intercom
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Aiphone IX-MV7-W Intercom
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Aiphone SBX-IDVFRA Intercom
Aiphone JOS-1AW Intercom
Aiphone RY-1824L Relay
Aiphone JOW-2D Intercom
Aiphone JOS-1VW Intercom
Aiphone JO-DV Intercom
Aiphone IXW-MA Intercom
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Aiphone IX-DVF Intercom
Aiphone IX-DV Intercom
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