American Dryer

American Dryer Inc. is a name known to every American and millions of customers globally for the most efficient and hassle-free mode of hand drying. It is in the business since 1952 and it is a company owned by Rabahy family. American Dryer provides unparalleled means of enjoying pure, fresh, and pristine restroom with the incorporation of hand dryers. Seamless integration of the state of the art technology like ExtremeAir Cold Plasma Clean Hand Dryer makes a huge difference when a clean washroom environment matters the most. The broad spectrum of American Dryer products has highly cost effective solutions. In fact integrating these products naturally reduces a great quantity of landfill wastes. These exclusive dryers are an asset to your facility when you feel customer service is paramount. American Dryer products serve a large segment of the industry and these products are apt for virtually every type of commercial restroom. The change of the dynamism upon integration of these maintenance-free products is immeasurable and it definitely leads to a pristine environment and amazingly low out of pocket costs to run the show with dignity.