Auto Security Products

Auto Security Products or ASP Inc. is Redmond, Washington based manufacturer of finest locks, automotive keys, and lock service parts. ASP has been closely associated with numerous types of industry requirements and it provides prominent solutions for all these needs. ASP is extremely proactive in offering precise products for the automotive industry covering a broad array of solutions for over 40 types of American, European, Korean, and Japanese automotives. The expansive coverage of automotive models and precision solutions availability make ASP the most dependable source to procure keys, locks, and allied parts. Extensive ASP product line features Caps, Deck Locks, Key Blanks & Accessories, Locksmith Equipment, Pawls, Pinning Kits, Tumblers & Wafers, Trunks, and Spare Parts. ASP is committed to provide first class solutions and assist you in enjoying these finest products in a dependable manner. In fact, ASP provides various custom products to serve you better when you need it the most. Derivatives of Auto Security Products are used by millions of worldwide Individual Customers, Automobile Repair Professionals, and Locksmith Professional day in and day out. The perfect value addition using ASP products is unparalleled and rewarding.