BEA is a premium solution provider for automatic door opening with a ravishing tradition of around fifty grand years. It is headquartered in Liege, Belgium, it has a worldwide presence and delivers ostentatiously performing solutions to add a brand new perception to the conventional door opening in industries, institutions, and a broad array of commercial premises. BEA USA offers deep penetration in providing solutions for verticals like BEA Pedestrian, BEA Industrial, and BEA Security. In addition to the acclaimed technologies like Doppler Effect or Radar, magnetic induction, and active and passive infrared, BEA integrates Laser in the motion sensing systems for precision detection. These technologies are known for their perfection and minimal false detections. Extensive product array of BEA comes with multidimensional solutions and proves to be an asset to rely on. Automatic door opening solutions designed by BEA are fully compatible with a broad array of hi-tech access control and surveillance systems. Scalable performance of these BEA solutions is unparalleled and it creates a huge impact when integration of sophistication and automation in door handling is paramount.
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BEA 10EMR6L Activation Plates
BEA 10EMS475 Activation Plates
BEA 10PBJE Activation Plates
BEA 10PBO2410 Activation Plates
BEA 10GL1200SR Maglock
BEA 10PBS1AL Activation Plates
BEA 10MS21HR1 Activation Plates
BEA 10PBS6LL Activation Plates
BEA 10FOCUS Motion Sensor
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