Bauer Products

Bauer Products Inc. is a premier solution provider to individual customers as well as auto locksmith professionals with amazingly stunning products like Bauer EM, Bauer NE, and a plethora of Key Blanks and Accessories. Bauer offers over twenty-six types of key series accommodating hundreds of key numbers and configurations. The broad spectrum of replacement key availability has every answer for vivid industry requirements. Bauer EM and Bauer NE are self-contained state of the art Electronic RV Latches. These electronic latches come with Capacitive Touch Technology for the finest user interface ever available. Bauer is proactive in designing perfection and every Bauer derivative is a representation of pure performance to satisfy all customers to the best. Selecting replacement keys from Bauer is always exciting as it adds flair to the user environment with its precision engineering. Bauer Products is committed to deliver ostentatiously performing products right since its inception in 1958. Today Bauer Products operates from Grand Rapids, MI and it has a smart distribution system in Grand Rapids too. Bauer is active in providing numerous custom solutions. Selecting Bauer product is itself a complete upgrade of the conventional paradigms and a lasting impression of timeless performance too.