Brass Accents

BRASS ACCENTS is a manufacturer of elite hot forged cast brass products designed to add a special essence of styling and productivity to new as well as remodeling projects. Each Brass Accents product features distinct characteristics. The full product line manufactured by Brass Accents is capable of a complete transformation of your project into a ravishing statement of style. Brass Accents offers the state of the art artistic touch in every single product ensuring to deliver elegant aesthetic upgrade. Brass Accents products are available in a broad array with thousands of highly attractive products covering the entire magnitude of the architectural hardware industry. Brass Accents company offers solid forged brass products in categories like door hardware, pulls, pushes, door knockers, kick plates, switch plates, cabinet hardware, accessories, letters and numbers, bathroom accessories, and hinges. The entire product range is apt to handle every hardware requirement of a project. Apart from the elegance, these Brass Accents products are available in 12 attractive surface finishes adding the touch of the class and style. Brass Accents products upscale your lifestyle and take it to the next level of perfection. When you need lifetime elegance insist on Brass Accents and enjoy the difference. When you need quality, Brass Accents is the name you can trust.