Curran Engineering

Curran Engineering Company, Inc. is a premier manufacturer and solution provider of state of the art access control and automatic door supplies and products. Curran has been innovative since its inception over forty years and the superb product line is a proof of it. It offers Automatic Door Products, Aluminum Guide Rails, Stainless Steel Guide Rails, Push Plate Switches, Posts & Bollards, Push Bars & Cart Bars, and Decals for Automatic Doors, and Store Fixtures. The broad product line has promising solutions to meet expansive industry requirements of demanding contemporary architecture. Curran products are easy to integrate and come with the brilliance of designing to comply with a broad array of electronic access control systems. Exclusive products manufactured at Curran offer elite performance and assist you in entailing the premium advantages of the superior integration of the technology right into your life. Curran in fact, offers the most promising products for all types of premises where automatic door opening and access control are paramount. These Curran solutions are compliant with ADA directives and excel in meeting all industry standards. Simple integration of Curran products makes integration very easy and far smooth beyond the imagination. Try these exquisite products today for performance unlimited.

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