Folger Adam

The Folger Adam Company began in 1905 and focused on the production of security equipment. Nowadays, Folger Adam is one of the best producers of a vast array of mechanical locks and locking hardware. It provides a large line of single locks, high security key cylinders, and full-functioning electrical and electronic control systems. Apart from that, every single Folger Adam product produced is built with the highest quality to exceed the industry benchmarks of superior performance. This toughest brand in the industry is backed by HES from Assa Abloy. Thus, the unique combination of state of the art quality with novelty security solutions becomes a unified answer to all security concerns. Today, security is a major concern for residences and commercial premises. With excellent and reliable products by Folger Adam, you get the top-notch security and the guaranteed peace of mind. When you count on Folger Adam for safety of your near and dear, stay relaxed, you are in safe hands. The state of the art technology and the top-notch manufacturing process based on the best of the engineering is here to serve you when you need it most. With Folger Adam products, you are safe, always.