The “The Overhead Door Holder Specialists” is the title conferred to Glynn-Johnson by the Architectural hardware industry. Glynn-Johnson, are in the industry for over 75 years and are proud designer and manufacturer of overhead door holders and door latches. They have amazing of products and customization to suit every single installation need and the requirement to match the interior décor. With the use of innovation, creativity, and ultra-modern facilities, Glynn-Johnson provides ultimate reliability and suitable products. These products are suitable for large sized industries, domestic use, and all sorts of commercial door control requirements. There is an amazing variety of finishes and you can pick almost all products with eight elegant options to choose from. Apart from the interior designing aspect, Glynn-Johnson is committed to provide a unique personalized solution for every single installation. These personalization options make the installation perfect for each environment and thus results in trouble-free performance for years. The unique product line like door holder with smoke detector is highly suitable for high traffic areas where you need to be extra careful. Installation templates of Glynn-Johnson are handy and help you for quick and hassle-free installation. With Glynn-Jonson, forget all your woes and worries about various door problems. When the best of engineering serves you through Glynn-Johnson and us, you will get the guaranteed peace of mind.