Hager Companies www.TheBuilders Supply.com The evolution of Hager Companies from forging of Conestoga wagon wheel rims to manufacturing over 6000 astonishing door hardware has a tradition of over a hundred and sixty grand years. The inventive vision of Charles Hager has now grown to a huge Corporate Organization dedicated to deliver outstanding solutions. Hager has a global presence and it serves architectural hardware masterpieces built to last, even longer than expected otherwise. Hager presents its continuous patronage in providing astonishing solutions like Locks, Door Closers, Exit Devices, Electrified Products, Architectural Hinges, Residential Hinges, Roton Continuous Geared Hinges, Stainless Steel Continuous Hinges, Trim & Auxiliary, Thresholds & Weatherstripping, and Sliding Door Hardware. The promising product line offers comprehensive hardware solutions necessary to satisfy ever-demanding contemporary architecture. Flawless designs and precision engineering make Hager products accepted worldwide and therefore, Hager hardware solutions are found from Burj Khalifa to Washington University. Wide scope of these products and solutions offers expansive coverage and provides a seamless canvas to excel in meeting customer requirements subtly. In fact, Hager products and solutions offer true peace of mind out of their sheer performance and extensive longevity. You can just forget about replacements when Hager incorporates in your build project.
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Hager 1279 4-1/2X4-1/2 LS Hinge
Hager 1279 3X3 US3 Hinge
Hager 1279 3X3 US26 Hinge
Hager 1751 4X4 US4 Hinge
Hager 1741 4X4 US3 Hinge
Hager 1751 4X4 US15 Hinge
Hager 1741 4X4 LS Hinge
Hager 1720 3.5 US10A Hinge
Hager 1279 3X3 US15A Hinge
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