LPS Laboratories is a premier manufacturer and solutions provider to MRO, Aviation, and Food industries. It operates from Tucker, GA and began the operations in 1961. The first generation of MRO products offered by LPS was LPS1 and later LPS2. These premium lubricants proved to be a remarkable change in the MRO industry when productivity and performance improved far beyond expectations. LPS has truly reformed the core dynamics of the MRO industry with its classic presentation of maintenance chemicals with convenience packing. LPS understands the essentials of the MRO industry professionals and delivers precise solutions. Today LPS Laboratories is an Illinois Tool Works Company and it literally has changed the face of global MRO industry. The seamless patronage of LPS in providing state of the art solutions has a lot more to offer than ever envisaged. Therefore, selecting LPS solutions is always intuitive and truly rewarding in every sense. We provide a plethora of LPS solutions under one roof and promise a smooth shopping interface along with swift product search. Try these LPS Lubricants and MRO industry solutions and benefit from the difference. We promise a brand new world of optimal performance and the satisfaction unlimited.

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LPS 04516 Dry Contact Cleaner
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LPS 01916 Torque Lst Penetrant
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LPS 01516 H.d. Silicone Lubricant
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LPS 00916 Electro 140deg Contact Cleaner
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LPS 00316 Rust Inhibitor 11oz Heavy Duty
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LPS 00616 Magnum Teflon 11oz Cans
LPS 04016 No Flash Contact Cleaner
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LPS 03816 Lithium Grease