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Latch-Gard is a premier manufacturer of the finest protection supplies for doors and latches. Latch-Gard latch protectors offer state of the art protection to doors making them truly invincible for prying attempts. These made in USA products become an integral part of your lifestyle assuring you a first class interface of topnotch safety and protection. Latch-Gard is a name acclaimed for the finest solutions it delivers like LG 100 Series, LG 110 Series, LG 115 Series, LG 120 Series, LG 130 Series, LG 140 Series, LG 150 Series, LG 151 Series, LG 160 Series, LG 170/171 Series, and Special Fasteners. These genuine quality products offer exclusive product support and ample choice to meet usage and application specific requirements. The Wakarusa, IN based manufacturer provides an excellent solution to protect lives and assets with their amazingly simple incorporation mechanism. All you need is three holes drilled to integrate these classic products swiftly and in a hassle-free manner. Latch-Gard offers a one-stop shop to meet all the protection requirements of contemporary architecture. Designing perfection and flawless manufacturing of Latch-Gard derivatives assure unrivaled fidelity and freedom from flimsy and unreliable products. Try these exclusive products and solutions for peace of mind you deserve.

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