Millennium Lock

Security is the most essential concern for every residential as well as commercial premises. However, unless you pick the right solution, your security becomes vulnerable to threats. We at the Builders Supply, have the top-notch solution for you and your family’s safety. The Millennium Lock is a definitive answer to all your security concerns. These locks are available in residential and commercial series. With the use of the state of the technology, these locks withstand kick-in attempts along with ramming attempts. The Ultimate Lock System offers uniquely designed extra long special screws for the fitment of the lock and door hinges to offer better strength. Millennium Lock calls it a perfect marriage of the lock with the doorjamb and frame. To The integrity of the entire dual deadbolt locking mechanism becomes a solid security measure to protect your belongings and family. These locks fit adding extended strength to various involved components. Additionally, the Millennium Locks become a unanimous option as it strengthens the door frame making it suitable to withstand higher pressures exerted during the break in attempts. Additionally, these locks cannot be picked due to its 6-pin anti-bump key lock mechanism. These special locks are suitable for all new projects and remodels. With the Ultimate Lock System, you are always safe beyond your imagination.

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