Push buttons are a great touch to your place of business and can really help bring an area together. It gives a modern style and more accessibility to those who cannot get around as well, simple functionality in an emergency, or a needed function to any place. Our website has a huge selection of push-buttons that range from emergency buttons, handicapped buttons, exit buttons, and much more. Push buttons can give you a quick emergency button to shut off machines, close doors, or perform another action that needs to be done quickly to save products or lives. If you work in a dangerous job area this could be the saving grace that you need to make sure that the people on the job are safe. The RCI 908RB-MO Red Blank Mushroom Button is made of satin stainless steel and is a very durable choice.

RCI 908RB-MO Red Blank Mushroom Button           RCI 970-MA-24V Illuminated Exit Button           RCI 916-MA Handicapped Button Satin Aluminum

This model is labeled with the word “EXIT” on the button and is great for request-to-exit applications. This button can release electromagnetic locks, send a signal to release locks, or send a signal to a control room to let operators know that you are requesting an exit. This is a recessed design that fits into the fall to give a professional finished look that will not take up space. You can also get time-delay switches and momentary-delay switches to meet any needs that you may have. This model of push button can be found at this link. Another type of push button that we offer is the RCI 916N-MA Handicapped Button that is made out of satin aluminum. This design has a handicapped signal on it to let people know that this button can be used to gain easy access to something. This button is ideal for request-to-exit applications or handicapped entrances that offer an automatic door. Momentary, maintained, or time-delay switches are available so you can have it adjusted to any situation. This means you can adjust it to function right away, be delayed a certain amount of time, or just have it send a request to another area.

ASP EXP-1 Explosion Proof Request To Exit

This push button has a two year limited warranty so if anything happens we can help you. This model of button can be found at this link. If you work in a high traffic area that has a lot of things that you need to pay attention to you might want to consider an emergency type push button. Deadly situations can be avoided if people act fast enough and have the right equipment to prevent the situation. The ASP 32L Latching Emergency Exit Button is one of these buttons that could potentially save lives. This button is labeled with an orange button that stands out and lets people know exactly where it is and that this is the button to push in case of an emergency. This button in particular is labeled for a door release situation. This button can potentially save lives and is recommended for any dangerous environment that may require quick action. This button can be found at this link. Push buttons are an increasingly common tool used in businesses and other commercial applications today.

ASP 1 Push to Exit Button              ASP 32 Emergency Door Release Button            ASP 5T Handicap Symbol Button

They are used in almost every place that is handicapped equipped and they make it much easier for disabled people to walk through a door by pushing a button instead of struggling to open it. Some people cannot open door because they are in a wheelchair or have some other type of disability and buttons make it possible for them to keep living independent lives and will keep them coming back to your business. Not only do push buttons allow for more convenient applications but they can also make for a much safer environment. In dangerous situations, every second can count to save a life. With an emergency push button that stands out you can save the precious time you need to save a life and avoid a deadly situation. Buttons can be programmed to do basically anything you need them to do and it makes performing any task very simple and time efficient. Our site has everything you need when it comes to push buttons so take a look around and find something that works for you.