Slick Locks

Slick Locks is a leading developer and manufacturer of state of the art locking systems for commercial vehicles. It operates from Chicago, IL and it has manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. Slick Locks, the truly American manufacturer of premier locking systems offers a unique way to add topnotch protection to vehicles and therefore, products and solutions made by Slick Locks are preferred among fleet owners as well as individuals. Some of the prominent features of Slick Locks products are they do not require drilling holes into vehicle, zero damage to the vehicle exterior keeping it pristine as it should, and freedom from bolt-through hasp designing. Slick Locks has been innovative and inventive right since its inception and it has delivered industry benchmarks of performance and dependability in the real time. It offers exclusive product line featuring Puck Locks, Blade Brackets, Spinner 360's™, and Weather Shield™ Covers. All these classic products are aimed at protecting vehicles and assets in the most hassle-free manner. Slick Locks products are highly suitable for use on all hinged and sliding door vehicles seamlessly. Enjoy the seamless benefits of the cutting edge technology at your service when genuine Sleek Locks products integrate into your vehicle.