Snug Cottage

Snug Cottage Hardware is a North American distributor of exterior hardware and gate fittings and a unique specialty of these hardware products is their robustness. These UK breed products are more rugged and robust than the exterior hardware products available in Northern America. The prime reason behind the difference is due to the longevity and reliability of products. In all the cases, exterior hardware products are exposed to climatic conditions and therefore, need special treatment for endurance and surface finish. Snug Cottage products are made in the UK and are distributed in the United States and Canada. The snug Cottage product line comprises of exterior hardware for buildings, wood gates, agricultural use products, products for PVC and vinyl gates, latches, hinges, barn door hangers, rolling door hardware, combination deadbolt locks, flagpoles, and aluminum gate inserts. Recently they have started to import stainless steel products and accessories from Taiwan. All these products are treated with special care and procedure to offer rust-free properties. The robustness of these products ensures a long service and the minimal necessity of maintenance and replacement. Therefore, once you buy a Snug Cottage hardware product, rest assured, it will stay with you forever.