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ABH 8020 Heavy Duty Surface Mounted Overhead Stop/Holder - Stop

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ABH Manufacturing 8020

ABH 8000 Series Overhead Stop/Holder
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ABH 8020 Heavy Duty Surface Mounted Overhead Stop/Holder - Stop
Extra heavy-duty/heavy-duty overhead holder/stop for exterior, vestibule and interior doors, single acting.
- Non-handed, reversible
- Single point hold-open in increments of 5 degrees from 85 to 110 degrees
- Hold-open holder shall engage and release door automatically by brass/stainless steel handle, or act as a stop only
- Extra heavy-duty holder has 1-1/2 times longer housing with steel shock absorbing spring
- 5 to 7 degrees shock compression following hold-open point
- Maximum opening 110 degrees, minimum door thickness 1-1/4"
- Wood, machine screws and sex bolts included
- Available in all BHMA plated finishes and US32 and US32D
- For extra heavy-duty add HD before holder number. Four sex bolts provided for the door portion.
- Housing 1/8" thick
- Arm 1/4" thick and 1" wide
- Jamb bracket 1/4" thick and 1" wide. Hold-open mechanism-stop PIN #303 stainless steel.
- Lock plate case hardened .0101 to .012 deep as manufactured by ABH.

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