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Acorn AM2BP Small Heart Hook 1-1/2"

Acorn AM2BP Small Heart Hook 1-1/2"

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Acorn AM2BP Small Heart Hook 1-1/2"


- 1-1/2" Small Heart Hook

Forged iron hooks bring a unique look to any room. Acorn manufactures hooks specifically for the bathroom and colonial style hooks that can be used in any room, garage or garden shed.

The bathroom selection matches the motif of the other bathroom accessories and comes in sizes ranging from 4” to 7”. The edge is curled to prevent snagging fabrics.

The Colonial hooks come in a nice variety of styles and sizes, including a fantastic hand forged utility hood approximately 3-1’2 inches long in black finish. The two pronged hat and coat hook is also hand forged and has the distinct markings that show the Acorn pedigree.

From simple and practical to ornamental and useful, you will find what you need through Acorn hooks.

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