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Acorn WIGBP Warwick Banjo Dummy Strap 24"

Acorn WIGBP Warwick Banjo Dummy Strap 24"

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Acorn WIGBP Warwick Banjo Dummy Strap 24"

Warwick Iron
Style Number: 840W
Extreme Length: 24
Strap Width at Hinge: 3
Maximum Width: 10
Sold by each

Acorn has a remarkable selection of cast iron and stainless steel hinges to meet the functional and decorative needs of any door or gate. From simple butt hinges in a variety of sizes to ornate strap hinges, Acorn carries what you need.

The assortment of shutter hinges is remarkable. They carry New York Shutter hinges, Connecticut Shutter hinges, Maximum Throw Shutter hinges and Bean Strap Shutter hinges in a variety of sizes.

Acorn also has semi-concealed cabinet hinges that self-close and butterfly hinges that add a decorative touch to any cabinet. Both are in iron. For a classic decorative touch look at their 6 ½” Cabinet Strap Hinge.

Acorn also offers “H” and “HL” hinges in both smooth and rough iron.

And, to complete the look of any gate hinge, Acorn has a marvelous adjustable pintle with a backplate. The pintle passes through the backplate and is fully adjustable for depth.

Look through the selection of hinges from Acorn. We are certain that you will agree that these are show the finest workmanship in the iron trade, and that they will add a touch of distinction to your next project.

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