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Images may not represent actual product and finish

Adams Rite MS1847-04-630 Deadlock 41-0197, Satin Stainless Steel

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Adams Rite MS1847-04-630

Deadlock 41-0197
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Adams Rite MS1847-04-630 Deadlock 41-0197, Satin Stainless Steel

The MS1847 Series MS Deadlock/Latch for ultra-narrow stile sliding doors features a self-protecting bolt with adjustable bolt projection.


A compact lock designed to fit within very narrow sliding door stiles without compromising the high degree of security these doors need. The sturdy stainless steel bolt has two important features not usually found in sliding door hardware. First, it is adjustable: a full 3/16” lengthening or shortening of bolt projection is possible by turning an exposed screw in the face of the lock. This can compensate for considerable misalignment between door and jamb. Second, the MS1847 bolt is self-protecting: if the door is closed with the bolt in the locked position, the bolt will retract immediately on contact with the jamb, thus preventing damage or accidental lock-out.


Cylinder pulls are available for keyed operation. Three hub slot positions allow installation even where jamb and stile design provides severely limited turn clearance.

Adams Rite has four types of dead bolts to meet the needs of any situation. They have a short throw dead blot that has the longest practical throw from a narrow stile. This dead bolt operates with a half turn of the key.

The heavy duty dead blot is for sliding wood or metal doors. The deadbolt throws a massive brass bolt into the strike and then expands a stainless steel dog upward and downward to secure the door. A full turn of the key is necessary to operate the bolt. This bolt requires a special cylinder cam.

Adams Rite also offers an interconnected dead bolt / dead latch for either aluminum stile or hollow wood or metal doors. This combination provides access control from the outside and fast, easy and panic-proof exiting.

It does this by interconnecting the dead bolt and the dead latch when the lock is operated from the inside only when configured with the interconnect feature. The outside lever retracts the latch only.

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