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Images may not represent actual product and finish

Adams Rite MS1880-05-119 2-Way Bolt

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Adams Rite MS1880-05-119

2-Way Bolt
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Adams Rite MS1880-05-119 2-Way Bolt

MS1880 and MS1881 Two-Point Flushbolts offer greater convenience than flip-lever flushbolts. With one operation, they provide security and reduce human error.


Used instead of flip-lever flushbolts in the inactive leaf of paired doors, the MS1880 and MS1881 offer greater convenience: one operation instead of two. It also promotes security by removing an element of human error. A positive blocking device makes it impossible to turn the key in the active door unless the inactive leaf has first been secured. This two-point flushbolt must be installed in conjunction with a pivoted bolt MS® deadlock. Cannot be unlocked when pivoted bolt is in locked position. Not to be used as a standalone locking mechanism.


Turn knob or lever 180° clockwise to throw hardened steel bolts into header and threshold and clear strike opening so pivoted MS® bolt can enter from active door. Counterclockwise turn retracts vertical bolts and blocks entry of pivoted bolt. Operates in conjunction with any MS® pivoting deadlock.

Adams Rite manufactures a series of flush bolts designed to secure the inoperative door in a set of French doors. Their series includes single point flush bolts that are designed for aluminum stile, hollow metal and wood doors. All single point flush bolts can be installed to operate in either the header or the threshold.

All Adams Rite flush bolts are cylinder operated so they offer more control over the locking than standard flip flush blots. Standard flush bolts can be operated by curious children or by vandals intending to return after business hours.

The two point flush bolt engages the door frame in the header and at the threshold for greater security. In addition it has a positive blocking device that makes it impossible to lock the active door unless the flush bolt has been secured. This prevents human error in locking only one door.

The auto-release model integrates the operation of the flush bolt with the lock of the operational door so that it locks and unlocks along with the operational door. It is designed to operate with any MS pivoting dead lock and is not intended as a standalone locking mechanism.

Hexagonal top and bottom bolts are 3/8” flat to flat stainless steel and require a 1/2" diameter strike hole.