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Hiawatha 1457 Combo Plate 4"x 15-3/4"

Hiawatha 1457 Combo Plate 4"x 15-3/4"

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US28 - Clear Anodized Aluminum
US32D - Satin Stainless Steel [+$12.83]
US3 - Polished Clear Coated Brass [+$31.73]
US4 - Satin Clear Coated Brass [+$31.73]
US26D - Satin Chrome Plated [+$35.78]
US26 - Polished Chrome Plated Brass [+$35.78]
US32DMS - Satin Antimicrobial Coated Stainless Steel [+$19.57]
US10 - Satin Clear Coated Bronze [+$35.78]
US10B - Satin Oxidized Oil Rubbed Bronze [+$35.78]
Hiawatha 1457 Combo Plate 4"x 15-3/4"

A Convenient Pull & Plate in One Piece in a Wide Selection of Finishes to Match Door Hardware.

Material: .125 aluminum, brass, bronse, or stainless steel

Size: 3-1/4" X 15-3/4", 4" x 15-3/4", 8" x 15-3/4"

Weight: 1.9lbs

ANSI: J304, J305, J306

US32D Stainless steel
US32 Polished stainless
US32DMS Antimicrobial satin stainless
US3 Polished brass, clear coat
US4 Satin brass, clear coat
U26 Polished chrome
US26D Satin chrome
US28 Clear anodized aluminum
US10 Satin bronze clear coat
US10B Oil-rubbed satin bronze


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