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Images may not represent actual product and finish
Images may not represent actual product and finish

McKinney MCK-HS3703 Half Surface Hinge 79-3/16" LH, Prime Powder Coat

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McKinney 77260

High Quality, Genuine McKinney Product, MCK-HS3703 Steel Half Surface Hinge, Door Size: 6'8", Length 79-3/16" LH, P
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McKinney MCK-HS3703 Half Surface Hinge 79-3/16" LH, Prime Powder Coat

This half-surface pin and barrel continuous hinge can be used to repair and replace existing hinges on both fire-labeled and non-labeled openings.

The hinge fits into the gap left after standard butt hinges are removed. It can assist in reversing the handing of a door, or to reverse the swing of a door hung in an evenly-rabbeted frame.


McKinney has over a dozen different styles and types of pin &barrel hinges to meet any installation need or to repair any damaged door or door jamb. Pin & barrel hinge styles provide maximum support for the door and are suitable for any high traffic or high abuse door opening.
McKinney offers a wide selection of pin & barrel hinge styles that are suitable for hollow core doors, metal doors and heavy wooden doors. They can be used to repair damaged and abused doors. Most allow the swing of the door to be reversed.

All pin & barrel hinges have a 3/16” diameter stainless steel barrel type hinge pin with medical bearings and stainless steel end pins. All styles also offer the option of a US32 Bright Polished Stainless finish, custom lengths and hold patterns and tamper-proof security screws.

With such a variety, you will be certain to find the right pin & barrel hinge for any application. Some offer extended door leafs to cover damaged wood doors. Others have surface mounts to protect little fingers from being pinched.

Find pin & barrel hinges that are fire-labeled and pin & barrel hinge styles for non-labeled doors. They are available in half surface, weather-tight seals and doors with minimum clearance. Some are engineered to prevent objects from being placed between the door and the frame.

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