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Images may not represent actual product and finish

McKinney T4A3381 Full Surface Hinge, 13

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McKinney 61511

McKinney 61511, Full Surface Hinges Heavy Weight Five Knuckle Non-Ferrous Bearing
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McKinney T4A3381 Full Surface Hinge, 13

Recommended for use on high frequency and/or heavy weight wood or metal doors in schools, hospitals or other public buildings where heavy traffic is experienced.

McKinney has full mortise hinges for every purpose because of the incredible selection of full mortise hinge styles. Their hinges feature 2, 3 and 5 knuckles and the MacPro line.

The 2 knuckle is available in standard or heavy weight in sizes from 3 1/2" to 5”. The 3 knuckle has these options and adds Institutional hinges featuring hospital tipped ends and concealed bearing assemblies. The prison safety feature is also available. 3 knuckle hinges also come in a swing clear design that allows for maximum clearance with the door open.

The 5 knuckle hinge has the most options so you can be certain to locate the right hinge for any application. The standard weight alone come in sizes ranging for 3 1/2" to 6” and offers Plain Bearing, Bearing, Concealed Bearing and Wide Throw Bearing styles. Heavy weight hinges have all the same options but are available in stainless steel. The 5 knuckle also has a swing clear design in either standard or heavy weights.

The MacPro line of hinges in full mortise offers contractor grade and convenient bulk packaging. The MacPro full mortise hinge comes in stand and heavy weight in a 4 1/2" length for standard, and 4 1/2" and 5” in heavy weight.

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