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Norton 78E/F-DA Delayed Action

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Aluminum Painted 689
Dark Bronze Painted 690
Light Bronze Painted 691
Black Painted 693
Medium Bronze Painted 694
Satin Brass Painted 696
Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze 613E
Bright Brass Clear Coated 605
Satin Brass Clear Coated 606
Bright Bronze Clear Coated 611
Satin Bronze Clear Coated 612
Bright Chrome Plated 625
Satin Chrome Plated 626

Norton 78E/F-DA Delayed Action

Closer for interior (and) exterior doors shall be rack-and-pinion type enclosed in a cast aluminum alloy shell. Closer spring shall be clock-type coil spring and shall be adjustable through a wide range of closing power. Closer shall be equipped with a single hex-key operated regulating valve for control of both closing and latch speeds. Closer shall have a hex-key operated regulating valve to control the adjustable backcheck feature. Closer shall be Norton® Series 78-B/F Traditional Surface Closer or equivalent.

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