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Norton 8581 Regular Low Profile Arm

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Delayed Action
Add DA - option [+$25.00]
Double Egress
Add DE - option [+$44.35]
Aluminum Painted 689
Dark Bronze Painted 690
Light Bronze Painted 691
Black Painted 693
Medium Bronze Painted 694
Satin Brass Painted 696
Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze 613E
Bright Brass Clear Coated 605
Satin Brass Clear Coated 606
Bright Bronze Clear Coated 611
Satin Bronze Clear Coated 612
Bright Chrome Plated 625
Satin Chrome Plated 626
Lead Lined Metal Cover
Add MLL - option [+$101.87]
Metal Architectural Cover Suffix
Add MA - option [+$3.75]
Metal Cover
Add M - option [+$3.75]
Offset Soffit Plate
Add PRO - option [+$15.00]
Plastic Abs Cover
Add G - option [+$2.50]
Plastic Architectural Abs Cover
Add AG - option
Plastic Architectural Cover
Add A - option
Regular Rigid Heavy-Duty Arm
Add R - option [+$25.00]

Norton 8581 Regular Low Profile Arm

The 8000 Series Door Closers offer the ideal combination of appearance, reliability and durability in today's market. With features such as staked valves, precise valve adjustment and a complete range of arm and cover options, this closer can meet virtually any application challenge.

The right door closer for any door is defined by the weight of the door, the amount of traffic the door gets and the specific needs of the opening. Norton has the right door closer for any situation, including a selection of mechanical closers found here.

A surface closer is just what the name suggests, and Norton offers this practical and versatile door closer in light, medium and heavy duty. As the names suggest, select any of these mechanical closers based on the amount of traffic the door receives.

A cam action closer is a mechanical closer that provides greater efficiency for slide track operation. This style provides lower opening resistance without giving up closing force and control. This combination complies with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The cam door closer offers an adjustable sweep and latch speed. This stylish model of mechanical door closer from Norton is a great choice for both designers and architects.

But if the application requires an even cleaner look, like in an office building or conference center, consider a concealed mechanical door closer. This fits into the frame header so that only the solid, one-piece arm can be seen when the door is open. This door closer is great for security situations as well.

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