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Images may not represent actual product and finish
Images may not represent actual product and finish

Pemko 1/301/EC End Clip 301 Track

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Pemko Manufacturing 1/301/EC

High Quality, Genuine Pemko Product, End Clip301 Track
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Pemko 1/301/EC End Clip 301 Track

  • Weatherization products are commonly used to protect homes and property from damage from the elements. Pemko weatherstripping parts are used to keep water from infiltrating points of entry around holes associated with install or modify existing installations to add a weatherization element. Whether your install is in a building, car, or camper, by adding weatherstripping parts to exterior projects, you can save energy. Weatherstripping parts prevent wind from penetrating openings and does not allow heat or cool air to escape. In addition, weatherstripping parts ensure that exteriors will hold up against water/ice damage, prolonging the aging process to exterior products.
  • Rising energy costs and an increased understanding of ecological concerns is driving the construction industry to find better and more efficient ways of creating a more energy efficient space. By employing weatherstripping parts, you will be able to be engage in forward thinking and capitalize on Pemko’s innovation by using these energy-saving products in your build or on your property. In addition, customers will be pleased at the monetary savings they will receive in the long run by using weatherstripping parts as opposed to traditional ones that deteriorate over time.
  • Weatherstripping parts may need additional installation time, however, with today’s technological advances, most can be integrated without any additional time costs. In addition, weatherstripping parts are easy to use and novices to experts should be able to use them with ease.