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Pemko FIF2/275A/6 Folding Door Kit 72"
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Pemko FIF2/275A/6 Folding Door Kit 72"

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Pemko FIF2/275A/6 Folding Door Kit 72"

  • Pemko folding door kits are a solutions for an entire door hardware system with the convenience of a single hardware purchase. If you enjoy the aesthetic of a folding door but are unsure of all the parts needed, the folding door kits Pemko offers will provide you with several trusted solutions to your hardware needs.
  • Sold in a variety of styles, finishes, and thicknesses, the kits offer a full assembly kit complete with mounting hardware, bumper stop, bottom guide, and adjusting wrench. Ideal for both professionals and hobbyists alike, this hardware solution kit allows for both levels of competency without the markup usually associated with professional-grade building products.
  • The best part of Pemko’s door kits is their ease of installation. In as little as twenty minutes you can have a brand new door system installed. Each kit comes with a general installation guide that will ensure that each leg of your installation process is finished with minimal amount of time. In addition, the weatherization strips for outside entryways are not only some of the most inexpensive solutions but some of the easiest to install as well.
  • Since Pemko prides itself on providing installation kits that enable them to be installed in any existing doorway, no matter what you’re working with, Pemko has a door kit solution to suit your needs.

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