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Pemko PW29316 Replacement Snap Covers for Weatherstrip, Painted White Aluminum

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Pemko PW29316 Replacement Snap Covers for Weatherstrip, Painted White Aluminum

  • Replacing a complete door system is an expensive endeavor but it may be unnecessary if you replace the existing threshold. Majority of the heat/cold air loss will escape through improperly sealed thresholds and a properly functioning threshold will prevent you from having excess energy costs due to that loss.
  • Pemko offers many replacement thresholds for both residential and commercial use.
  • For residential applications, Pemko offers a variety of thresholds and sills, including: interlocking thresholds, hooks, threshold caps, water return interlocking thresholds, saddle thresholds, adjustable vinyl top thresholds, vinyl top thresholds, bumper thresholds for outswing doors, squareback thresholds, oak thresholds, sill nosings, adjustable aluminum top sills, adjustable oak top sills, outswing adjustable oak top sills, all-aluminum adjustable sills, narrow top fixed vinyl sills, all-aluminum fixed sills, extenders for sills, outswing fixed bumper sills, bumper thresho-sills, thresho-sills, fabrication and more!
  • Pemko manufactures thresholds in several materials to meet customer needs in the commercial sector as well. Extruded Aluminum thresholds are manufactured of tempered aluminum, 6063-T6. Architectural bronze/brass thresholds are manufactured of CDA alloy C38500. Roll Formed Aluminum Plates are manufactured from 5052-H32 Aluminum. Eco-V thresholds are manufactured using a bio-based, phthalate-free material with no heavy metals. Thresholds are available in numerous configurations and finishes for most applications.
  • Whatever your replacement threshold needs, Pemko has you covered.

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