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Pemko S776BL Self-Adhesive Astragal/Meeting Stile Seal, Clear

Pemko S776BL Self-Adhesive Astragal/Meeting Stile Seal, Clear

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Pemko S776BL Self-Adhesive Astragal/Meeting Stile Seal, Clear

  • One of the product expertise that Pemko is known for is for producing quality thresholds and threshold products for the hardware industry in both commercial and residential markets. Pemko can fabricate almost any floor plate threshold you might require, including saddle, floor plate thresholds, panic saddle thresholds, threshold stops, thermal barriers, and Eco-V Thresholds.
  • If you are considering using floor plates, keep in mind they are furnished undrilled unless drilling instructions are specified when ordering. Ordering fasteners does not constitute drilling instructs. Elevated floor plates require support every 4" on center, at welded seams, and as necessary for support. Floor plates are available with PemKote non-slip coating . Please furnish drilling instructions when ordering PemKote as it is difficult to drill through this coating.
  • Pemko manufactures thresholds in several materials to meet customer needs. The threshold materials include: Extruded Aluminum thresholds manufactured of tempered aluminum, 6063-T6, Architectural bronze/brass thresholds manufactured of CDA alloy C38500, Roll Formed Aluminum Plates manufactured from 5052-H32 Aluminum, and Eco-V thresholds manufactured using a bio-based, phthalate-free material with no heavy metals. Thresholds and threshold plates are available in numerous configurations and finishes for most applications.

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