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Pemko SIM425FP-RH/41-48 Simultaneous Acting Door System SIM Pulley System

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Pemko SIM425FP-RH/41-48 Simultaneous Acting Door System SIM Pulley System

  • Pemko has created a fascinating partitioning application in their simultaneous acting sliding door system. Using interior doors of your choice, this partitioning system can close off a portion of a room while that area is not in use. It can also provide a beautiful aesthetic value to an otherwise wide open room, creating a sense of elegance and intimacy.
  • This easy-to-use system uses a track and pre-assembled pulley system to reduce installation time and lead to completed assignments far ahead of traditional installation times. This preassembly also cuts down on alignment issues found in some other competitor systems with the same purpose. Designed to meet strict performance standards, these applications really are the ideal solutions to your partition needs. Hospitality sectors will be particularly happy with this visually appealing hardware solution.
  • Compatible with a variety of doors and doorways, including wood applications, Pemko’s simultaneous sliding system enables you to fulfill your partitioning needs with minor installation costs. With the varieties of styles and the ability to add two, three, four, and six-door systems, no matter the size of the application you are able to add the simultaneous system to your build.
  • Try this system today! With a trusted brand like Pemko, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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