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Pemko TC316175 Tapcon Screws #10 x 3/16" Phillips

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Pemko TC316175 Tapcon Screws #10 x 3/16" Phillips

  • Pemko’s Tapcon screws or concrete screws, as they are commonly referred to, are a Pemko hardware accessory available for purchase. They are primarily used in masonry applications over a wide-range of hardware needs, especially when dealing with entryways and door installation in commercial builds.
  • The standard blue Climaseal Tapcon screws are a light duty masonry anchor primarily used in dry indoor applications for attaching items to concrete, brick, or block. According to Tapcon, they can be used in applications ranging from attaching 2x4 lumber to concrete, a light fixture to brick, or furring strips to a block wall. There are also stainless steel Tapcon screws for heavier duty applications. The large diameter Tapcons use regular ANSI standard bits.
  • For installation, tap threads into a predrilled hole in concrete, brick, or block. These types of anchors are available in two head styles: Hex slotted washer heads for surface mounted fastenings or the flat Phillips counter sunk heads where the top of the head is flush with the surface of the item being fastened.
  • Pemko ensures every product they put out has the highest in quality standards and hardware accessories are not immune to that requirement. Whatever concrete screw you pick up, rest assured that Pemko will guarantee their purchase.

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