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Actual Product and Finish May Vary

Pemko WING EXT RH Rubber Ramp Miter Return

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Pemko WING EXT RH Rubber Ramp Miter Return

  • Pemko rubber ramp thresholds offer an ease of accessibility and installation with every product sold under that line. Ramp systems accommodate 1/2" to 2 & 1/4" floor offsets, meeting the 1:12 slope requirements of the “Americans with Disabilities Act” with ease. Even higher offsets can be accommodated by using the certain Pemko risers in order to create the proper offset.
  • Ramp thresholds are generally sold as part of assemblies. Assembly kits are typically supplied with #10 stainless steel wood screws. Stainless steel machine screws and expansion shields are available at an extra cost and are recommended for heavy-duty or high traffic applications. The ramp systems consist of interlocking components, eliminating the need to weld joints, and Pemko’s interlocking ball-joint design allows each component to flex and conform to uneven surfaces.
  • Ideal for use in cross traffic corridors, transitional areas, and other areas where there is a gap between floor surfaces, rubber ramps are designed to be subtle and blend seamlessly into any design while providing extra grip for pedestrians.
  • Pemko offers a great range of products for a customer’s rubber ramp needs. By selecting Pemko, you are choosing a brand that is an expert in the field of residential and commercial hardware.

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