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Pemko XL95C Special Inset Hinge 95"

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Pemko Manufacturing XL95C

High Quality, Genuine Pemko Product, Special Inset Hinge 95"
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Pemko XL95C Special Inset Hinge 95"

  • Pemko offers a variety of special inset hinges that are meant to hide traces of hardware and make them seamlessly integrated into the surrounding structure. Hinges are products that Pemko is known for. With a continuous hinge, typical alignment problems, such as door sag and binding, are eliminated. In addition, the continuous hinge distributes load stress uniformly along the full length of the door and frame. 1/2 lb. or less operating force is required to operate most doors, regardless of size. Low operating force feature makes continuous hinges ideal for doors used by the physically challenged. The continuous hinge acts as reinforcement for both door and frame.

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