Risers & Silencers

A door silencer is a handy product and we are very proud to present a plethora of them here. These tiny rubber components add a superior control of the door handling making it versatile and user friendly. At the Builders Supply, we strive to offer amazing solutions to simplify everyday tasking greatly. Selecting your pick from our Risers & Silencers collection is amazing in every sense. All these door parts are designed to fit smoothly and deliver ostentatious performance forever. Count on these products manufactured by eminent industry leaders and you would never feel disappointed for mal-performance.
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A'dor R1 Riser 1/4
A'dor R2 Riser 1/2
A'dor R10 Riser 1/4
A'dor R7 Riser 1/4
A'dor R4 Riser 1/4
A'dor R5 Riser 1/2
A'dor R3 Riser 1
A'dor R11 Riser 1/2