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Images may not represent actual product and finish

Saniflow M88 Junior Series Push Button Hand Dryer, White Epoxy

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Saniflow M88

Commercial Low-Profile Applications
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General Description
·  Warm air hand dryer.
·  Push-button operated.
·  Suitable for medium traffic facilities.
·  Compact, maintenance-free.
·  Highest durability in its class.
·  It normally goes along with a soap dispenser.
Components & Materials
·  White ABS thermoplastic one-piece cover, 1/8” (3 mm) thick. Cover fixed to the base by means of 4 Phillips head screws.
·  Engineering thermoplastic PP base, with 4 Ø 5/64” (8 mm) holes for wall mounting.
·  Motor, induction, 3,300 rpm (at 60 Hz), maintenance-free and high durability, incorporates a safety thermostat.
·  PP UL94-VO single inlet fan wheel.
·  Waved wire NiCr resistor that incorporates a safety thermostat.
·  Push-button activates an electronic timer, with a 45 seconds cycle.
·  Stainless steel air outlet grill.
Press the Push-button to initiate the drying process. The dryer will go on with no interruption for 45 seconds.
Certificates & Qualifications
UL comply with UL499 norm.
Surface mounted hand dryer shall be fabricated with one-piece 1/8” thick thermoplastic ABS UL94-5V cover. The back base shall be thermoplastic ABS UL94-5V and with 4 holes for wall mounting. The dryer shall be activated using the push button that activates an electromechanical timer with a 45 seconds cycle before switching dryer off automatically. The induction motor shall be 1/7 hp, 3,300 r.p.m.(at 60 Hz) and incorporate a temperature limiter which switch off at 266 ºF (130ºC). The waved wire NiCr heating element should incorporate a thermal limiter, which will switch off by a temperature of 176 ºF (80ºC.). The PP UL94-V0 fan should have a single inlet and the fan scroll shall be made of thermoplastic ABS UL94-5V. Dryer shall deliver 139 CFM of air at 123.8 ºF (51 ºC) and 3,872 LFM velocity during user controlled drying cycle. The dryer shall have a total power of 1,300 Watts with a consumption of 11A. Noise level should be 60 dB. Overall dimensions shall be 9-7/8”W x 11-3/4”H x 5-1/4”D.

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