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Securitron SPK Solar Panel Kit 20 Watt

Securitron SPK Solar Panel Kit 20 Watt

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Securitron SPK Solar Panel Kit 20 Watt

Securitron®'s BPSS is capable of powering most any single point access control device and fail secure lock (intermittent duty only) using sustainable solar and battery operated power. The BPSS is the only out-of-the-box solution specifically designed for remote electric lock control. Select the BPSS-10 or BPSS-20 (10 or 20 charging Watts respectively) based on the solar activity in the area/region where installed.

  • Complete out of the box Solar Power System designed specifically for use with Access Control Products
  • 100% Solid State Solar Controller

Adding access control to any door or cabinet opening has never been easier with the range of accessories available through Securitron. They offer accessories for single and double gang electrical outlets and for narrow stile doors. Key switches come in either momentary mode that reset after a pre-determined time delay or alternate mode that leave the door unlocked until it is opened.

From maximum security switches to industrial grade time lock operating devices, you will always find what you need to make the access control system operate correctly in any environment for any level of security. Tubular Keyswitches, for example, operate any magnetic or electromagnetic lock with the turn of a key and are suitable for low traffic and low demand openings.

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