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Securitron WEMB-BK-48 Electromechanical Bar 48", Black Anodized, Weatherproof

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Securitron WEMB-BK-48 Electromechanical Bar 48", Black Anodized, Weatherproof

The Electromechanical Exit Bar (EMB) is designed for use on magnetically locked, non-fire-rated doors - or as an initiate device for a delayed egress timer. Pushing the bar activates internal switches which release the lock. Optional waterproof switches are available which allows the EMB to function in outdoor applications. Meets "no special tools or knowledge" code requirements.

  • Four individual switches ensure reliable, redundant operation

Securitron offers an incredible array of exit control devices to control egress from the interior. These come in motion sensors, emergency exit buttons, push buttons, exit bars and handles, as well as wave sense and touch plates. This variety insures you will find the correct exit device for any magnetic or electromagnetic control application.

The XMS Passive Infrared Request to Exit (REX) automatically cuts power to the door when the infrared sensor detects an individual is approaching the door. This allows the individual to exit without even realizing the door is secured. A easily adjustable beam pattern allows the device to be customized for any traffic pattern.

Exit Buttons and Emergency Exit Buttons operate with a literal push of a button. Exit Buttons come with a variety of sizes and faceplates to accommodate any application. Where required by building code, an Emergency Exit Button mounts and acts as a secondary control device for the exit door.

Exit Bars are the most dependable exit device available for magnetically locked openings, and Securitron bars can be installed on metal, aluminum or wood doors of all types without special tools or training. The Dual Sense Bars are engineered to meet most current building and life safety codes with touch and mechanical movement operating the lock and allowing egress. The bars use the same mounting pattern as the TSB-3 and come in three standard lengths. The bars can also be cut in the field to accommodate non-standard door widths.

Exit Handles require a push or pull to operate the door lock and come in clear or black anodized finishes. Like the Exit Bars, any model handle can be ordered with ElectroLynx connectors.

Touch Sense Plates and Wave Sense Plates operate locks with either a touch or a wave of the hand. Wave Sense Plates offer hands-free operation and reduce transmission of germs in medical or clean-room applications.

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