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Tomlinson TOM_1004002

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Tomlinson 1004002 5500 Beige Dairy Creamer Disp.
Tomlinson 5500 DAIRY CREAMER DISPENSER is a fantastic product designed to assist you in serving ice-cold dairy creamer packets. The dispenser maintains 40°F temperature for up to 8 hours with the re-freezable cold packs. Moreover, Tomlinson offers the Dairy Creamer Dispenser in brushed stainless steel as well as beige polyurethane color. The dispenser is supplied with two re-freezable cold packs. However, a broad range of optional accessories like Top Coffee Service Organizer, Stir Stick Inserts, and additional refreezable cold packs are offered to enhance productivity and overall control of everyday dispensing. The dispenser has a capacity to store around 300 creamer packets. Get your pick of insulated Dairy Creamer Dispenser from Tomlinson today.
Dimensions inches (mm): 15D x 11-5/8H x 6-5/8W (381 x 295 x 168), Case Qty. 1
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