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Tomlinson 1009314 TouchGuard White Upper Assembly

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Tomlinson 1009314 TouchGuard White Upper Assembly
Touch Guard® Faucets Are Resistant To Child Access For Children 3-1/2 Years And Younger.
-Touch Guard Upper Assembly Prevents Accidental Dispensing. Available Separately, Or Can Be Assembled To Any HFS® Series Faucet At Factory.
Tomlinson PS Series TOUCHGUARD® is a wonderful solution especially for those commercial facilities where children are inclined to access dispensers. A TOUCHGUARD® is a product designed to prevent child access to dispensing backed by a two-stage activation process. Thus, children of age three and half years or less certainly are unable to use the dispenser. Thoughtful designing and the simplest integration of this state of the art Tomlinson solution ascertains to provide intuitive operational interface and a perfect gateway to control accidental and unwanted dispensing. The red colored upper assembly and chrome bonnet make the TOUCHGUARD® look fabulous. Moreover, functional excellence of this Tomlinson product makes it a true value addition you can count on.

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