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Tomlinson 1022630 Richlite 1/4" x 20" 10" Hdl Pizza Peel

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Tomlinson 1022630

High Quality, Genuine Tomlinson Product, Richlite 1/4" x 20" 10" Hdl Pizza Peel
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Tomlinson 1022630 Richlite 1/4" x 20" 10" Hdl Pizza Peel
Tomlinson Richlite® Pizza Peels and Servers from the CUTTING BOARDS collection come with Richlite® heat-resistant surface for delivering enhanced performance in multidimensional work environments. Tomlinson presents a broad array of pizza servers and peels along with heat resistant boards to simplify diverse everyday applications of chefs and foodservice industry professionals. Moreover, selecting a superb Tomlinson product always is a value addition you can count on. Enhancing the precision and adding perfection of the form and function is easy when Tomlinson Pizza Peels and Servers work the wonders. Tomlinson provides heat resistant boards in six configurations of sizes to meet virtually every requirement. Additionally, Tomlinson offers a superb collection of pizza servers with 5", 8", 9", and 10" long handles and over 16 configurations of sizes. Tomlinson pizza board is offered in 18" x 12" x 0.25" size adding picturesque perfection to any kitchen and various allied applications. Broad array of Tomlinson products and solutions from the CUTTING BOARDS collection indeed are capable of redefining the flexibility and the control of everyday tasking to its best. Explore the best Tomlinson has to offer to uncover the true potential of smart solutions to redefine simplicity for you. It in fact, is astounding with Tomlinson and its innovative solutions.
Next-Gen cutting boards offered by Tomlinson Industries truly are sensational, provide a unique interface to master everyday activity, and deliver the best shot. Foodservice industry professionals require outstanding solutions to meet diverse essentials and these cutting boards with specialty properties certainly add flair to functional control whilst offering a unique platform to deliver the best the industry has to offer. Various features of boards like heat resistant surface, antimicrobial properties, extensive usability, and a broad choice of colors as well as sizes assures to provide the optimal and the fine-grain control just the way professionals seek. Moreover, selecting Tomlinson products is always enticing as each product comes with brilliance of designing and assured performance. Tomlinson CUTTING BOARDS are highly suitable for numerous applications like pizza peels and servers; steam tables, cutting boards; griddle stands, bread warmers, prep tables, carving boards, and under heat lamps. Moreover, Tomlinson Richlite® series cutting boards are available in numerous configurations of sizes and thicknesses to meet virtually every type of customization requirement. Getting the best of Tomlinson under one roof is quite easy especially with the smart shopping offered online. Entailing the best practices of outstanding deliverables whilst enjoying the fine-grain control is easy especially when you strive to serve your guests with the best and use Tomlinson CUTTING BOARDS.

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