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Tomlinson 1022865 Reuseable B-I-B Faucet 850 Black "Blank"

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Tomlinson 1022865

High Quality, Genuine Tomlinson Product, Reuseable B-I-B Faucet 850 Black "Blank"
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Tomlinson 1022865 Reuseable B-I-B Faucet 850 Black "Blank"
Tomlinson 850 replacement spigot adds unparalleled flexibility to commercial special-application dispensing with its simple operations and versatility far beyond the conventional paradigms. This classic product is very suitable for dispensing a broad array of essentials comprising of ketchup, mustard, syrups, apple sauce, and various concentrates. The faucet is made of polypropylene and it has superior strength to serve you for years to come. Tomlinson elevates the simplicity of integration by making the spigot compatible with all spouts of 1.2" internal diameter. This attractive and functionally immaculate spigot is available in red color in addition to black. Personalization of dispensing to meet custom necessities is astonishing with Tomlinson and its premium range of replacement spigots, tools, and parts.

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