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Tomlinson 1023838 MSBR Brass Faucets MSBRH-3/8, 2-5Mr 13M5R" Hwat"

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Tomlinson 1023838

High Quality, Genuine Tomlinson Product, MSBR Brass Faucets MSBRH-3/8, 2-5Mr 13M5R" Hwat"
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Tomlinson 1023838 MSBR Brass Faucets MSBRH-3/8, 2-5Mr 13M5R" Hwat"
Tomlinson MSBRH is a superb replacement spigot designed to handle a broad array of commercial beverage dispensing requirements. The gorgeous blend of chromed brass body and the black colored nylon bonnet make it look gorgeous. Tomlinson presents the spigot in two varieties featuring G-1/2" and R-1/2" threads. Therefore, integrating these finest replacement spigots is amazingly simple. Moreover, the product comes with enrichment features like diagonal self-closing and lock-open handle to provide unparalleled and dependable dispensing experience. Try Tomlinson MSBRH when you require the topnotch spigot replacement option for your dispensers. The wonderful interface of balancing performance, quality, longevity, and affordability surely provides a competent environment you can count on.
Tomlinson Industries has been the foremost faucet manufacturer and it indeed reflects from the presentation of Metal Faucets. Featured faucets, spigots, and parts from the collection are designed intuitively for wider acceptance in diverse applications whilst providing state of the art hot as well as cold beverages dispensing on commercial scales.

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