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Tomlinson 1024323 Griddle, NHFP-16D Oval/Divider

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Tomlinson 1024323 Griddle, NHFP-16D Oval/Divider
Tomlinson MODERN OVAL GRIDDLE of 8" X 12" size is a classic product designed to meet extensive requirements of foodservice industry professionals. Optional Bakelite holder is offered to add functional flair. The oval griddle is highly resourceful for multiple cooking as well as serving applications and it indeed provides an excellent interface to industry professionals. Selecting a Tomlinson product is always intuitive as it provides excellent value for money, wondrous productivity, excellent functional control, and exceptional durability. Getting amazed with the fantabulous performance of Tomlinson products as Modern Oval Griddle is easy and it indeed is merely a few clicks away. Get your pick of Tomlinson today for peace of mind forever.
Selecting serving ware with care is utmost necessary for a wonderful presentation and especially it is a must for commercial foodservice industry professionals. Tomlinson SERVINGWARE is a collection of enthralling solutions made of a perfect blend of Cast Iron, Melamine, Polyester, Bakelite, Stainless-Clad Aluminum, and Cast & Die Cast Aluminum. Tomlinson offers a broad array of products from the class to respond dynamically to diverse requirements of restaurant and commercial food service industries. Moreover, versatility of choices available makes the selection intuitive and far more rewarding than ever envisaged. Lasting performance and the highest adaptability for various cooking as well as serving applications make Tomlinson SERVINGWARE a perfect choice. Products from this class are strategically assorted into categories like All Cast Iron Products and All Thermal Platters, Skillets & Casseroles. In fact, the assortment assists you to figure out a perfect fit for a broad array of necessities. Tomlinson provides seamless gateways to excel in cooking as well as the presentation with multifaceted products and choices of shapes, sizes, and finish. Selecting a precise fit amongst a plethora of classic SERVINGWARE solutions offered by Tomlinson is therefore more intuitive and fascinating. Adding unparalleled sophistication and class to your ambiance is easy when state of the art Tomlinson solutions work the wonders. Get your pick of Tomlinson SERVINGWARE and enjoy fascinating upgrade of essentials and peace of mind too.

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