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Tomlinson 1034040 C-Kure Solution Pail, Red

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Tomlinson 1034040 C-Kure Solution Pail, Red
-Helps Eliminate The Danger Of Staff Accidentally Using A Cleaning Pail As A Food Or Ice Container.
-Features Clear Instructions In Both English And Spanish, Plus Step-By-Step Illustrations.
190 oz. (approx. 6 qts.)
Weight: 8-lbs., Case Qty: 12
Tomlinson KITCHEN SAFETY products are a collection of fascinating solutions designed to enhance productivity, safety, and functional control of everyday tasking. The broad array of products from this class is strategically assorted into categories like Liner, Matting, Cleaning Solution Pails, and Food Processing. Each product from these categories comes with designing brilliance and the exactitude of functional excellence assuring you the fullest returns on the money spent. Tomlinson Industries has been progressive in providing state of the art solutions globally and truly, Tomlinson products work the wonders every time you buy and use them. Moreover, all the Tomlinson products from the KITCHEN SAFETY collection are offered in ample choices of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs to meet virtually every requirement of foodservice and janitorial services industry professionals. In fact, adding a classic touch of perfection is amazingly sensational when state of the art Tomlinson products integrate in your work environment. Choose from a wide array of mats or liners in addition to pails and stuffing horns. Every product you select is indeed a value addition to count on. Pick your pick of Tomlinson KITCHEN SAFETY solutions for the timeless performance you seek. You will never disappoint of your decision for whatsoever reason when you opt for Tomlinson products and solutions.

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