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Tomlinson 1036212 Cotton Knit Gloves, White, Women

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Tomlinson 1036212 Cotton Knit Gloves, White, Women
-String Knit Cotton Blend Gloves Are Used For Warehousing, Walk-In Coolers, Food Processing, Bakeries And Other Applications Requiring Either Moderate Heat Protection Or Moderate Protection From The Cold. Excellent As A Single-Use Glove Liner.
-Ambidextrous And Launderable.
35% Cotton, 55% Poly, 10% Rayon Stain-Resistant Bleached White
Weight: 42-lbs., Case Qty: 30 Doz. Pair
Tomlinson COTTON gloves from the Knit Work Gloves collection are a fascinating solution when you require a lasting protection. These gloves are a blend of cotton and poly/rayon for extensive comfort and usability during long hours of operations. Moreover, these knitted cotton gloves are completely washable for up to 8 to 10 times assuring excellent economy. Tomlinson offers these pre-shrunk gloves with superior compatibility with various demanding work environments. Additionally, these gloves are a superb choice to use as a liner under steel mesh gloves as well numerous other applications requiring gloves for protection. Tomlinson offers them in Men’s and Women’s size for providing a broad canvas of product selection.

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