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Tomlinson 1036627 Glove Vinyl Ex PF Lg 1000

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Tomlinson 1036627

High Quality, Genuine Tomlinson Product, Glove Vinyl Ex PF Lg 1000
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Tomlinson 1036627 Glove Vinyl Ex PF Lg 1000
Tomlinson VINYL gloves are a wonderful resolution for professionals from industrial, janitorial, and foodservice industries. These C-Kure® gloves are magnificent solutions with their comfortable wearing. Tomlinson offers these gloves with a choice of selection between powdered or non-powdered variants. Vinyl gloves are a superb solution for those professionals allergic to latex or even are not comfortable to using it. Moreover, Tomlinson supplies over a dozen configurations of gloves to meet virtually every requirement of safety and hygiene. Vinyl gloves from this class are offered in a case of 1000 gloves for maximum affordability without a slight compromise of quality or safety. Explore Tomlinson for the best the industry has to offer.

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