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Tomlinson 1904357 Cone Gasket CD1001 Large

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Tomlinson 1904357 Cone Gasket CD1001 Large
Tomlinson Ice Cream Cone Dispensers of MODULAR DISPENSERS collection are a versatile solution to keep ice cream cones crisp, fresh, and ready to serve 24X7. The dispenser is suitable to provide cake, sugar, and waffle cones of 1-3/8" to 3-3/8" lip diameter. Self-adjusting feature of the dispenser ascertains dispensing only one cone at a time. Thus, entailing enhanced precision and preventing wastage is easy. Integration of SIMPLI-FLEX® gasket provides a simple slip on fitting whilst providing optimal functional control of dispensing just the way you seek. Ergonomic and handy Tomlinson SIMPLI-FLEX® dispensers come with a vibrant design adding picturesque aesthetics while you enjoy providing next-Gen hospitality to your patrons with speedier and high-quality service. Tomlinson offers multiple choices of the dispenser tube featuring plastic and stainless steel. Choice between polished and heavy-duty stainless steel tube or the gray colored tough tint plastic tube is easy and the broad range of combinations subtly has solutions for every demanding ice cream dispensing requirement. Tomlinson enhances the quality of deliverables, by providing flexible mounting options. The dispenser is equally suitable for mounting on Z Stands on countertops, wall mounting, or simply under-counter installation. Tomlinson indeed offers a radical transformation with its pragmatic solutions designed to cater to a broad array of requirements of foodservice industry professionals.

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